I’m Planning To Buy An Account, Before Placing An Order:
How To Buy CSGO Account From CSGOForSale?

Some simple steps to buy an account :

  1. If you are looking for to buy Prime Accounts then visit our Prime section OR for High Tier Accounts Visit: High Tier section.
  2. Select the account you want to purchase.
  3. Then click on ADD TO CART button -> View Cart -> Proceed to Check Out.
  4. Fillout the Checkout form with Name, Email address and Select the payment method & make payment.
How long times it will take for the account to be delivered ?

After successful payment is done you will receive your account details within 10-20 seconds to your billing email address (Don’t forget to check SPAM Folder and reload your email client).

We are online or offline doesn’t matter. Product details will be delivered automatically to your billing email address.

You can also view the Account Details on the website if you’ve created an account during checkout, just go to My Account -> Orders.

What details will be delivered ?
  1. Steam Username and Password.
  2. Email address, e-mail password & Email Login URL.

NOTE: Steam guard & family view always disabled in all of our accounts, if any how we forgot to disable steam guard then still you can able to login as we provide steam account along with email access.

Okay I Have Paid, What To Do Now ?
How can I get my account details ?
  1. After successful payment is done, you will receive a mail [Subject: Game Login Details For Order#0000] from us within 10-20 seconds. (Don’t forget to check spam folder).
  2. Click on that mail and notedown your account login details.


To check order details, you must have to create an account in our website during checkout, then go to “MY ACCOUNT” click on “VIEW” under the recent order & note down your account details.

What to do after receiving account details ?
  1. If you have purchased a CSGO Account then first check the Rank. (If you see account is unranked due to Party Member Ban then just simply contact us via Live Chat or Email, we will replace your account).
  2. If Rank is okay then first change Steam email address and after that steam password.
  3. Turn on steam guard.
  4. Don’t use same mobile number, which number you are already using for another steam account.

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